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 "I've read your Maddox series and have to say these are excellent. I found "Inner
	Evil" to be very hard hitting and must say well done for tackling a
	difficult subject with such skill."
	Never contacted an author directly before but I felt compelled to do so on
	this occasion. I stumbled across your books after purchasing my kindle and
	was looking for something new to read. As a seafarer myself I was drawn to
	your titles "Shadow of Fear" and "Sea of Jackals". I must say that "Sea of
	Jackals" is an excellent read that I just couldn't put down. You've
	obviously drawn extensively from past experiences."
"Hi Jeff,

Got my kindle a couple of months ago and bought your books but I got it confiscated joining last time at the heliport! Got it back from the office joining this time and I read Lee Child's "The affair" then yours. Really enjoyed the affair and normally have problems changing straight to another author after the excitement of a Child book but I have to say I loved Sea of Jackals.
Got through it in 3 days! Loved the violence, the drama of the boarding, the craziness of the sat chambers event.

Well done.
Steve "

Thanks Steve, Glad you enjoyed it. The saturation chamber event is real and is what happens if a chamber suddenly loses pressure. Try "Inner Evil", it's a Grit-Lit crime book that confronts hard reality. best regards, Jeffrey