Maddox is a fallen angel, a tortured soul lying only just on the right side of the law. An under cover operative with the Serious Organised Crime Agency in London, he is a 21st century avenger, There's a nice guy in there trying to get out.
Maddox is tasked with infiltrating the drug smuggling ring responsible and bringing Fletcher's murderers to justice.

"SNOWFALL" reached #4 out of all Amazon UK free books and the top 600 out of 400,000 paid fiction books.



This is the 2nd outing for Maddox as an under cover operative with the Serious Organised Crime Agency in London. A former Royal Marine and SB.
A child serial killer is at large. A young girl has been kidnapped. Maddox is tasked with infiltrating a paedophile ring in a search and rescue mission in a race against time. He questions man's humanity as he plunges into deep despair. This is no gentle paced English detective novel, it's real and gets hard to the point. Read it as it is.



This is Maddox 3rd outing as he recovers from the ordeal of the paedophile kidnapping case "Inner Evil". Follow him as he becomes entwined in a subversive plot to carry out an assasination on a major target. Cross and double cross. Cave Canum... He's on the road again...





Jeffrey Parfitt's homage to American 1930's pulp fiction. Shanghai 1925. A dangerous time and a dangerous city. Mike Masters, an American Chief Mate on the HONG SHU, a Yangtze river trader running contraband up and down the Big Blue. Where every man has a story to tell and a story to hide.

Follow Mike as he evades foreign gunboats and local Chinese warlords; as he fights for survival and tries to protect Mei May, the love of his life. Live the adventure and yearn for the run ashore. BLOOD ALLEY.... Where blood runs cold.

A modern scourge of piracy in the Gulf of Aden... A salvage dive ship tasked with recovering a sensitive military cargo in pirate infested waters off the coast of Somalia... A love affair that can never succeed. Take a journey through the troubled waters off the Horn of Africa where the drama is real and happening as you read.





A new LNG super gas tanker en route to Milford Haven... A terrorist cell onboard... A new port not ready to receive the cargo... A dysfunctional environmental pressure group out of control... Only one man truly understands the potential for disaster.
Shadow of Fear is based on the very real threat of the new super gas tankers bringing huge quantities of liquid methane to your country. One of these days... Read the reality.