About Jeffrey Parfitt






Jeffrey Parfitt was born in South Wales in 1959. At 16 he joined the British Merchant Navy as an officer cadet obtaining his Master Mariner certificate in 1988. The variety of countries and cultures that he was exposed to in a professional capacity, along with the literary influences of Joseph Conrad (Heart of Darkness) and Nicholas Montserrat (The Cruel Sea), inspired him to note his own experiences, even from his first voyage.

From 1990 through to 1995 he served as a criminal investigator with a government department in London and the provinces. Involvement in serious crime investigation, international drug smuggling and gun running, and assisting other government departments provides real life inspiration for his stories and plot lines.

Maddox is a composite of several true life figures, who exist in the shady world of deep undercover government operatives. So he's real, and he's out there...

1996 saw a return to the waves.


The offshore industry has taken him all over the world (Brazil, Australia, Far East...) In recent years, Jeffrey has served as Master of a Dive Support vessel in the offshore oil & gas industry. During 2010/11 he completed two runs through the Gulf of Aden (see the Youtube link). Jeffrey now spends his time travelling the world as a maritime advisor.

He writes in two genres, crime fiction and action adventure with a nautical theme. His "Grit-Lit" style is born out of real life experience and the hard-hitting world of the real criminal investigator. As you read it, feel it...